Stan Franklin

Stan Franklin (short film, directed by Laura Touman, produced by Matthew R. Young, distributed by ABC iView)

A heart-warming mockumentary following the life and career of movie buff Stan Franklin, guardian of silence, who polices local Australian cinema audiences to restore order to the silver screen.

This was my first official short film as a producer. For me, this was the film where I first applied teachings I learnt from industry producer Martin Brown (Romeo + Juliet) at AFTRS about being able to package value into a project and then communicating that value to pave the way to its successful execution. This involves a skilful understanding in how to pitch and sell your ideas, inspiring others to want to collaborate with you, simply through my approach to the film’s communicative strategy in getting it made and getting the right team attached. The way I designed job listings, casting calls and crew calls utilising language choice, salesmanship and graphic design proved to be effective in making an impactful first impression, enabling the director to immediately have variety and choice in selecting collaborators and talent that were the best fit in her mind. For STAN FRANKLIN, I networked with a GOLDEN EYE Award winning sound and music designer who agreed to attach on to compose the score. With my musical background and knowledge, we also connected well to the point where I creatively engaged and represented the director’s interests in his work in building the score.

Cast: Atlas Adams
Director: Laura Touman

Cinematographer: Jonathan Zhang Zihao


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