The Collectors

The Collectors (feature film, directed by Alex Munt, produced by Muntmedia)

Beginning as an internship to formalise Matthew’s existing five years of experience in production management, Matthew went on to earn an associate producer credit in his first Australian feature film production, THE COLLECTORS by director-screenwriter Alex Munt produced by Muntmedia.

Matthew was a driving force overseeing preproduction and production throughout 2018, working from the production office and being on-call. Matthew’s coordinated a complex array of location shoots in and around Sydney and the Central Coast.

Responsibilities included: locations management, location scouting, production management, organising all paperwork and record-keeping, negotiating down costs to facilitate a micro-low budget production on behalf of producer, liaising with local councils, National Parks and film vehicle owners, mediating interests and needs between department heads and production, scheduling, call-sheeting, casting small roles, coordinating extras, catering, arranging accomodation to budget, as well as taking on duties as first assistant director to flexibly support the director at meetings as well as on set.

Matthew gained meaningful mentorship from digital media and screen artists Alex Munt and Justin Harvey (A + J), who later attached Matthew as production manager on their joint proposed Virtual Reality (VR) project ALLEVIATE after production wrapped on THE COLLECTORS. Matthew assisted in preparing their ACMI grant application, including an $80,000 budget break-down.



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